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Pregnancy & Postpartum exercise

Photo is of Katie and her daugher at a Blanced Mama Project photoshoot to promote acceptance of all postpartum bodies
Picture is from Balanced Mama Project archives and feature Katie's daughter

Meet Katie – Your Trusted Pelvic Health Expert:

As a mum of 2, Katie brings a wealth of experience, personally and professionally. A certified Pelvic Floor Safe instructor, and a dedicated collaborator with esteemed Pelvic Health Physios. Her credentials include conquering Anthony Lo's transformative 'The Female Athlete' course and co-directing The Balanced Mama project alongside Emily Parks, a degree qualified nutritionist.

Katie's impact extends to foundational postpartum movement for the charity 'Mums All Together.' Moreover, she's a driving force behind The Method NZ's 'P3' – the premier Pregnancy, Postpartum & Pelvic Floor course under the aegis of NZ REPs registration. Throughout the year, she spearheads this course, upskilling fitness instructors here in NZ.

You'll find her leading invigorating Mums and Bubs Mat Pilates sessions in Pukekohe and energizing Reformer classes at Pasture Pilates  in Clevedon. She also offers personalized 1-1 sessions at her private studio. Rest assured, you're in expert hands with Katie – your partner on your fitness journey.



to secure your 1-1 session or use the booking form to secure your spot in class.

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